SQL Server 2012 Samples by Microsoft

Microsoft posted a great overview of all samples for SQL Server 2012 on TechNet, you’ll find it here.

A few highlights:
– AdventureWorks2012 / AdventureWorksLT2012 / AdventureWorksDW2012
– Adventure Works Tabular Model Projects SQL Server 2012
– Power View and PowerPivot Samples for SQL Server 2012
– Power View Sample Images
– Adventure Works Internet Sales Tabular Model SQL Server 2012

Don’t forget the latest ones:
Power View Overview
Power View and PowerPivot HelloWorldPicnic Samples for SQL Server 2012

Selection of all parameter values – (All)

Another addition to your cookbook!
A handy trick to simplify your report header information is by displaying ‘(All)’ instead of literary all parameter values.

An example:

By using this expression in the textbox:

=IIF(Parameters!Statusses.Count = COUNTDISTINCT(Fields!StatusName.Value, "dsListOfStatusses"),"(All)",CSTR(Join(Parameters!Statusses.Label,", ")))

Will result in: