Microsoft’s Vision for Data (love the videos!)

I always enjoy watching those really slick/nice/flashy videos from Microsoft’s marketing team, thumbs up! 🙂
Here’s another one about Microsoft’s vision on data and how we’re able to analyze data today.

Activate your free Office 365 subscription (Product Key) from your Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS)

Here’s a little thing you just need to know or stumbled upon.
Once you’ve purchased MAPS, you’ve automatically been giving 5 Office 365 ‘seats’ (or User Licenses)!

How to activate these licenses:

1) Go to the Microsoft Partner Network website and log in:

2) Instead of clicking on ‘Software Download / View Keys’, click on ‘Microsoft Online Services


3) Now click on ‘View‘ on the right:

4) Expand the ‘Microsoft Action Pack‘-section to reveil the Product Key:


5) Click on the link stated just a little bit lower or use this one:
“…To redeem these tokens visit…”

6) Enable the checkbox ‘I understand. I’m the right person to be doing this for my organization.‘ and click on ‘Sign in‘ (on the right) under ‘Already an Office 365 customer?‘:


OR: Login to your Office 365 Admin Center and go to ‘BILLING‘-> ‘Subscriptions‘, select the active subscription and click on ‘Renew or add user licenses‘:


7) Verify that you’ve been giving 5 extra licenses thanks to the Product Key of MAPS. Next step is to cancel your current paid subscription and get a little bit of money back 😉 You may want to contact the Office 365 supportdesk for that of cancel it in the Office 365 Admin Center under ‘Subscriptions’.

Microsoft Research reveals Holograph, brings ‘Star Wars’ Leia hologram to life

Microsoft Research Talks About Holograph, An Interactive, 3-D Data-Visualization Research Platform

Microsoft Research reveals Holograph, brings ‘Star Wars’ Leia hologram to life


All those cool 3D holographic interactive user interfaces that people see in sci-fi movies and TV shows are finally getting closer to reality. Microsoft Research recently showed off a new project called Holograph that was made to render large data, not just in 3D, but in a way that it looks like it is being projected above a display.

The video also has some fun in showing off how Holograph can make the dreams of sci-fi fans come true, such as one scene where an interactive Viper fighter in “Battlestar Galactica” is created in 3D. The final part of the video shows the famous Princess Leia hologram in “Star Wars” (“You’re my only hope.’) recreated in 3D via Holograph. Perhaps the whole 3D chess game in that same movie could be the next project for Microsoft Research.

Holograph enables users to examine various types of dynamic data sets—easily and naturally.

“If you have 3-D data, you could move your head around and look at things as if they were physically there,” Wong suggests. “That’s a natural way of observing something. If you want to reach in and select something that’s interesting, you could find out more information. Sure, you could do that on a flat screen, but on really complex, non-two-dimensional data, it becomes more of a challenge.

“What we’re doing with our Perceptive Pixel display and things like Kinect is tracking where your head is, where your point of view is, and dynamically altering that data. The touch capabilities of the Perceptive Pixel display allow us to understand where you’re touching and then have that touch point connect with a piece of 3-D data represented below the plane of that screen. We’re rendering 3-D data both statically and dynamically in what looks like a virtual box below the glass, but you can see the dimensionality of the data.”

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 CTP1 Product Guide


The SQL Server 2014 CTP1 Product Guide is now officially available to customers and partners. The guide is intended to help you get the most value out of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 CTP1.

Download the datasheets, white papers and technical presentations that will help you evaluate Microsoft SQL Server 2014 CTP1.

Click here to download the product guide.

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New SQL Server 2012-RTM fully integrated Demo (Hyper-V!)

***Updated: See below***

Demo Image XII: SQL 2012

Brief Description
The Base ImageX Server is a virtual machine that allows a user to test out the latest Business Intelligence features of SQL Server 2012; including PowerView reports and PowerPivot Excel Documents.

The Base ImageX Server is a virtual machine that can be hosted in Hyper-V that allows a user to test out the latest Business Intelligence features of SQL Server 2012. The virtual machine has been configured to support the use of PowerView reports, PowerPivot Excel documents and various content packs allowing the user to explore the capabilities of SQL Server 2012. Working with the demos that can be installed on the ImageX server the user will have a clear picture of how the SQL Server 2012, Office and SharePoint tools support and enhance the self-service business intelligence environment.

The new SQL Server 2012-RTM demo is fully integrated with SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 including:
– PowerPivot and MDS Excel integration
– Reporting Services integration with SharePoint
– Power View integrated with SharePoint
– Data Quality Services
– Master Data Services
– Multidimensional and Tabular instances of SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services
– Visual Studio 2010
– Silverlight 5
– Picnic Power View sample loaded

This image also includes demos of the RTM version of AutoSales, TailspinToys, Contoso Energy, Telco (PowerPivot and Power View), Contoso Schools and the Telco demo.

Download it here!

Quick Details
File Name: SQL Image
Version: 1.0
Date Published: 5/11/2012
Language: English
Download Size: 21.6GB

Don’t forget to read the installation notes:

Credentials (thanks to Dan English):
The password for the image is the typical pass@word1 for the contoso\Administrator user. The name of the server is SQLIMAGE2012.

Thank you Microsoft!


***Update: 3 hours later, same day, a lot of disk space shortage…***

Is Microsoft serious?
Finally I downloaded the 21.6 gig and then I stumbled upon this ridiculous issue:
(My previous ridiculous issue/error: SQL Server – Rare Event error)

While browsing inside the ZIP-file: