Custom chart for Power BI: an aquarium!

We’ve all seen Bad Boys 2 🙂

That’s a nice fish, big fucking eyes… but a nice fucking fish.

Well…someone was so creative to actually create an aquarium-chart-type-ish for Power BI! Didn’t know that that was even possible, but it does make an impression!:

The aquarium is designed to be on a dashboard screen in a room where everyone can see it and notice changes day to day and empathise with the data to rally efforts.

Microsoft’s Vision for Data (love the videos!)

I always enjoy watching those really slick/nice/flashy videos from Microsoft’s marketing team, thumbs up! 🙂
Here’s another one about Microsoft’s vision on data and how we’re able to analyze data today.

MDS database upgrade failed, ‘user does not have access to the application’ (db version

Yesterday a colleague upgraded our reporting server (SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU6) to CU7 (build: 11.0.5623), which should be stable since it is out for like a month now.
(More info aboud builds? Check out:

As always MDS requires a database upgrade (because we’ve upgraded the ‘client‘ to a new version, as in ‘the SQL Server instance‘):





Sure, let’s do that.

So I RPD-ed into our reporting server. Right-click on the ‘Master Data Services Configuration Manager‘-icon in the start-menu and clicked ‘Run as Administator‘ (important one!).
And indeed, it does require an upgrade 🙂







Next step is to select the correct database and hit the ‘Upgrade‘-button….but…it threw me an exception:



Hit ‘OK‘ and ‘Cancel‘, notice that the database version jumped to ‘‘?:





What I found was that whatever you try next, the wizard keeps throwing the same exception over and over again when you restore the MDS database and try again.

The thing is that, after a while I just ignored the exception and went to the MDS interface with IE and somehow things are working properly.


So, when you’re upgrading the MDS database from ‘‘ to ‘‘ ignore the following exception from the wizard:
‘…The user does not have access to the application…’

Because the user does have access and the script did run correctly 🙂