DateTime to a preferred (15 minutes) interval

Seriously, this piece is another great addition to your cookbook!
Before this…make a guess….I used a basic CASE-statement to retrieve the right intervals I needed.
This one is a life changer!

(ABS (DATEPART( MINUTE, '2012-05-22 08:09:00') / 15)) AS AbsoluteDivide9Minutes,
(ABS (DATEPART( MINUTE, '2012-05-22 08:33:00') / 15)) AS AbsoluteDivide33Minutes,
(ABS (DATEPART( MINUTE, '2012-05-22 08:09:00') / 15) * 15) as '0-15 minute interval',
(ABS (DATEPART( MINUTE, '2012-05-22 08:22:00') / 15) * 15) as '15-30 minute interval',
(ABS (DATEPART( MINUTE, '2012-05-22 08:33:00') / 15) * 15) as '30-45 minute interval',
(ABS (DATEPART( MINUTE, '2012-05-22 08:46:00') / 15) * 15) as '45-60 minute interval'

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Broeders! 🙂

Be aware of Sorts in SSIS

Be aware of Sorts in SSIS!
SSIS will first retrieve the entire dataset and after that perform the sorting.

A mistake I made was that I didn’t drop the Clustered Index on the destination table (ORDER BY DESC…bummer).
Dropped it, ran the initial load and re-created the Clustered Index afterwards 😉

Excel: AutoFit Column Width format functionality

I’m sure you guys have seen this before when copy/pasting datasets into Excel (probably for the business?):

Well there is great format functionality in Excel 2010 (propably also in 2007) which I didn’t know:

Ok, first select the entire Excel-sheet by hitting CTRL-A.
After that….you’ve probably guessed it already…hit the AutoFix!

The result after:

That really saved me a lot of time 🙂

New SQL Server 2012-RTM fully integrated Demo (Hyper-V!)

***Updated: See below***

Demo Image XII: SQL 2012

Brief Description
The Base ImageX Server is a virtual machine that allows a user to test out the latest Business Intelligence features of SQL Server 2012; including PowerView reports and PowerPivot Excel Documents.

The Base ImageX Server is a virtual machine that can be hosted in Hyper-V that allows a user to test out the latest Business Intelligence features of SQL Server 2012. The virtual machine has been configured to support the use of PowerView reports, PowerPivot Excel documents and various content packs allowing the user to explore the capabilities of SQL Server 2012. Working with the demos that can be installed on the ImageX server the user will have a clear picture of how the SQL Server 2012, Office and SharePoint tools support and enhance the self-service business intelligence environment.

The new SQL Server 2012-RTM demo is fully integrated with SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 including:
– PowerPivot and MDS Excel integration
– Reporting Services integration with SharePoint
– Power View integrated with SharePoint
– Data Quality Services
– Master Data Services
– Multidimensional and Tabular instances of SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services
– Visual Studio 2010
– Silverlight 5
– Picnic Power View sample loaded

This image also includes demos of the RTM version of AutoSales, TailspinToys, Contoso Energy, Telco (PowerPivot and Power View), Contoso Schools and the Telco demo.

Download it here!

Quick Details
File Name: SQL Image
Version: 1.0
Date Published: 5/11/2012
Language: English
Download Size: 21.6GB

Don’t forget to read the installation notes:

Credentials (thanks to Dan English):
The password for the image is the typical pass@word1 for the contoso\Administrator user. The name of the server is SQLIMAGE2012.

Thank you Microsoft!


***Update: 3 hours later, same day, a lot of disk space shortage…***

Is Microsoft serious?
Finally I downloaded the 21.6 gig and then I stumbled upon this ridiculous issue:
(My previous ridiculous issue/error: SQL Server – Rare Event error)

While browsing inside the ZIP-file:

Social recruiting: How to use social media to land a job

I stumbled upon this interesting article: ‘Social recruiting: How to use social media to land a job‘ by Kirstin Swagman.

Research shows that nearly 75 percent of companies check out potential candidates on social networks. And they’re not just digging for dirt. More and more, HR execs and recruiters are turning to social networks to scout out promising job candidates, and with good reason. One recent study by Northern Illinois University professors found study participants could more accurately predict a candidate’s likelihood to succeed in a particular job by browsing their Facebook profile than by evaluating detailed personality surveys.

Another study by professors at Cornell University found that job applicants were less likely to lie about past work experience on their LinkedIn profile than they were on a traditional resume.

So, can your social networks help you land a job? In this infographic, learn how recruiters are using social sites and how you can optimize your online presence.

Things to keep in mind while on the job!
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BumbleBI is going Pro!

This is a day of new beginnings…a small step for HP, a giant leap for BumbleBI!
Today, my very own HP rack server was delivered, an HP ProLiant DL360 G7 🙂

Installing Windows…

I’ll keep you posted on my adventures with Hyper-V, SBS2011 and ofcourse SQL Server 2012! 🙂

SQL Server 2012 Edition Comparison (features and limitations)

I’ve noticed that I’m searching quite a lot for the SQL Server 2012 comparison between editions (features and limitations).
This time, I’m going to save it by posting it here! 🙂

Bookmark this URL:
Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2012

More info on SQL Server 2012 Licensing and FAQ’s:
SQL Server 2012 Licensing Datasheet and FAQ’s (*.docx)

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