SQL Server Spatial Art

Yesterday I attended Hope Foley‘s webinar during 24 Hours of PASS, thanks for that!

A few examples:
Here’s Michael Coles Christmas card of 2009:

Here’s a great example by Michael J Swart:


How can I create such art?
Well Alex Whittles explains how you could accomplish this on his blog:

Besides that it’s cool, a more practical use for spatial data is for example if you’re in the hotel of conference business.
Imagine a report that displays your floor layout and also if a room is occupied or not? Perhaps also to display block-reservations (groups), like for example for SQL Saturday or when your local footbal club is staying at your hotel?

Here’s an example:


PowerPivot Bing Maps look-a-like

I recently found this blogpost on how to create a Bing Maps look-a-like in PowerPivot and it’s actually quite easy.
Here’s how it looks like in PowerPivot:


It’s an transparent image that lies on top of the cells in Excel:


And here’s how it looks like once it’s deployed to SharePoint:


Want to know how he did this?
Well have a look at the blogpost, click here!

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Excel Spatial Visualizer Add-In

My colleague Karlo Bartels made a very nice Excel 2010 Add-In:

To easily facilitate the process of displaying spatial objects in Excel, I created an Excel add-in that allows you to select a range of cells containing coordinates and show them on a map. To do this, the add-in accesses the Bing Maps SOAP Services. This is a set of programmable SOAP services that allow you to match addresses to a map (and much more). You will need a Bing Maps Application ID to access these services.

Check out his blog/article here (source and examples included!).