Simple SSRS formatting (thousands and millions)

Something for your cookbook!
A simple form of SSRS formatting for thousand and million in two decimals.

Including a Euro-sign:

=IIF(Fields!MetricValue.Value>=1000000 , "'€' #,0,,.00"+"m",
IIF (Fields!MetricValue.Value>=1000, "'€' #,0,.00"+"k",
IIF (Fields!MetricValue.Value>=0," '€' 0.00",
IIF (Fields!MetricValue.Value<-1000000, "'€' #,0,,.00"+"m",
IIF (Fields!MetricValue.Value<-1000, "'€' #,0,.00"+"k", "0.00"

Without the Euro-sign:

=IIF(Fields!MetricValue.Value>=1000000 , "#,0,,.00"+"m",
IIF (Fields!MetricValue.Value>=1000, "#,0,.00"+"k",
IIF (Fields!MetricValue.Value>=0,"0.00",
IIF (Fields!MetricValue.Value<-1000000, "#,0,,.00"+"m",
IIF (Fields!MetricValue.Value<-1000, "#,0,.00"+"k", "0.00"

Microsoft’s Mobile BI platform – Project Helix?

At the SharePoint Conference last SQL PASS, there was apparently a demo on Microsoft’s long awaited Mobile BI solution/platform (based on SharePoint 2013?). It supposed to be developed under the name ‘Project Helix‘. Just Blindbaek tweeted about it during the SharePoint Conference and thanks to Chris Webb…the rest of the community knows 🙂
But! Is it a hoax? A commercial app made by the company Mobile Helix Link??

SQL Server 2012 Encryption (Security)

SQL Server database encryption the 2012 way…
How to fully secure your sensitive data? Have a look!

Am I still missing anything? Reply!




@Pass1 NVARCHAR(25),
@Pass2 NVARCHAR(25),
@Salt NVARCHAR(25)

SET @Pass1 = '23543'
SET @Pass2 = '45663'
SET @Salt = 'R@nd0mS!a6lTValue'

--Encrypted, 2 times to prevent the use of rainbow tables:
) AS Encrypted
DecryptByPassPhrase (@Pass1,
DecryptByPassPhrase (@Pass2,
) AS Decrypted
--One-way hashing on multiple columns:
,HashedMultipleValues =
IsNull(FirstName,'NA')+'|'+IsNull(LastName,'NA') --'|' = seperator
--One-way hashing on a single column (like creditcard numbers of passwords):
--Don't forget to use HashBytes() multiple times using the same @Salt value!
,HashedSingleValue =
IsNull(FirstName,'NA')+@Salt --Added @Salt to prevent the use of rainbow tables
FROM AdventureWorksDW2008R2.dbo.DimCustomer


—>>> ToDo’s (don’t forget!):
– Save all encrypt/decrypt coding (SP/FN) with the ‘WITH ENCRYPTION’-statement,
or you can also use a certificate and key to encrypt/decrypt data:
– Enable TDE (Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2012) to prevent any user to access the data on disk level:
– Make sure to secure all inbound and outbound connections by using Certificates (for example by Symantec / Verisign):
– More info on SQL Server 2012 Encryption:
– DO NOT store your certificates on the same server….use an encrypted USB disk and store it in a physical safe for example
– Are there any applications using your SQL Server? Hire a hacker to perform a security check (like SQL Injection)

Social Analytics on Twitter and Xbox Live data (Halo 4 release)

POC: What are the Dutch gamers tweeting on Twitter during Halo 4’s launch?

I’ve created a proof-of-concept to analyze real-time Twitter data (Social Analytics), Xbox Live statuses and make use of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (BI) Suite.

The inspiration
This POC was inspired by Microsoft’s ‘Analytics for Twitter’ PowerPivot in Excel 2010 sheet. Since this is in Excel, it is (sorry) useless in corporate environments and therefore this POC was born.

Custom software:
– Twitter Search API -> SQL#
– Google Maps API
– Xbox Live API
– Text sentiment analysis by BumbleBI (Tone Dictionary)

Refresh rate: every 5 minutes (up to 1 minute is possible)