BIDS: Development on your laptop or desktop has a limit


The execution results confirmed my first thought 🙂


When I looked at the Resource Monitor, it seems that sqlserver.exe is eating up my memory…bad dog!
So…don’t forget to set a limit on memory usage for SQL Server on your laptop or desktop 🙂

RESOLVED: Login failed for login [login name] due to trigger execution

It will happen to us all (at least once :))
Now you know how to fix it and not having to reinstall SQL Server!
A big thank you for my colleague Wim Kok who saved me!

So in my case, I detached an important database that was used to store logon statistics by using a server trigger.
The thing is that detaching it was easy, but it kicked me out of SQL Server and (ofcourse) it didn’t let me re-connect to the SQL Server Instance. If you’re lucky, you still have an open connection (as Administrator) and be able to attach the database again. Again, I my case I wasn’t that lucky 😦

The famous error message:

More info: Microsoft Support

Steps to take:
Step #1: Stop SQL Server and related services.
Step #2: Start SQL Server from the command prompt using the startup parameters: “–c -m –f“. Or via Services -> SQL Server Properties as shown below (doing this disables the login trigger):



Still having trouble?
“Server is in single user mode. Only administrator can connect at this time.”
Make sure that all services are stopped and create a batch-file (*.bat) that contains:


Execute the batch-file via Command (run as Administrator) -> Shift + Right-click

Now, start SSMS (run as Administrator) and try to connect (a suggestions would be to fill in an IP-address, for local host).
This should work, enjoy! 🙂

How To: Send e-mails from your Windows Azure Virtual Machine (VM) to Office 365 (Exchange)


After a few hours of struggling, I found that (for now) the only method of sending e-mails from your SQL Server Instance (inside a Windows Azure Virtual Machine / Environment) is to setup a SMTP-service in IIS 6.0 (Yes I know, but SQL Server doesn’t support the use of ‘TLS encryption‘). Mohamed M Malek posted a step-by-step blogpost which will provide you a grant tour on how to set this up, click here.

I’ve tested this solution in a Windows Azure VM:
Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition (from the Virtual Machine Catalog in Windows Azure)
SQL Server 2012 Express Edition

Yes the Express Edition of SQL Server does indeed supports sending mails by using sp_send_dbmail(). More info on how to set that up: click here

Important settings:
Do not fill in any username or password details in Account:

LocalHost will serve as an SMTP-server for the Account:

-> Don’t forget to stop and start the SMTP-service!

The Office 365 version I’m currently using is the ‘Office 365 for professionals and small businesses‘.

GeoFlow: 3D Mapping Analytics Tool for Excel

Today is yet another wonderfull day, Niels Naglé shared a blogpost about Excel 2013’s new add-in called “GeoFlow” (Codename)

The full blogpost on SQL Server Blog can be read here.

Today we’re pleased to add another exciting business analytics tool to help customers gain valuable insight from their data. Project codename “GeoFlow” for Excel, available in preview now, is a 3D visualization and storytelling tool that will help customers map, explore and interact with both geographic and chronological data, enabling discoveries in data that might be difficult to identify in traditional 2D tables and charts. With GeoFlow, customers can plot up to a million rows of data in 3D on Bing Maps, see how that data changes over time and share their findings through beautiful screenshots and cinematic, guided video tours. The simplicity and beauty of GeoFlow is something you have to see to understand – check out the video demo and screenshots below. You can also download and try it out firsthand today.






For more information on GeoFlow, check out the Excel team’s blog and visit the BI website.

Download the GeoFlow Preview Add-In for Excel 2013 here.

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