SSAS: Color Expressions for your calculated measures (calculations) in your cube

It’s a typical thing on a Friday…being a bit distracted sometimes.
I was designing a new cube and suddenly noticed the ‘Color Expressions’ thingy at the bottom while creating a new calculation in the Calculation-tab in Visual Studio:


Haven’t tested it with different versions of Excel, but I think this is general client behavior if I may call it that:


Could be very useful I think, will discuss this option with the business….one day…next year…or probably not 🙂

Yahoo! 24TB SSAS Cube – Big Data Case Study + Slides

Thanks Denny Glee for sharing this.

It’s old news, but still it’s very cool 🙂
I always thought that Yahoo! had a 7TB SSAS Cube, but it has been growing of course.
As of dec 2012, it reached 24TB!!

Microsoft Case Study:
Yahoo! Improves Campaign Effectiveness, Boosts Ad Revenue with Big Data Solution

Some key numbers from this case study include:

24TB Analysis Services MOLAP cube
2PB source data of a 14PB Hadoop cluster
700M unique users, 47% of the global online population
3.5B ad impressions/day



More slides can be found here.