SQL Azure Billing Numbers Directly From Transact-SQL

Thanks to Karlo Bartels‘s comment on my previous post, here a detailed blogpost on Microsoft.com about the SQL Azure billing numbers/costs with the use of Dynamic Managed Views.

SQL Azure exposes two Dynamic Managed Views called sys.database_usage and sys.bandwidth_usage that show you the activity for your account. These can queried to understand your account usage from a billing perspective.

Database storage costs:

Bandwidth costs:

Download the code right here.

Thanks to Wayne Walter Berry and his post.

Playing around with SQL Azure

I’ve started playing with SQL Azure on my ’30 days free SQL Azure trial’ and already got a few tips:

Login on SQL Azure’s Developer Portal and create a database.

Don’t forget to modify your Firewall settings of SQL Azure in order to connect to it (Tutorial):
A simple statement does the trick (execute on Master DB):

exec sp_set_firewall_rule N'Allow Project Houston','',''

An overview of security in SQL Azure

Project ‘Houston’ is very handy! 🙂

I’ve uploaded AdventureWorksDW2008R2 partially (28,2 MB) with Create-scripts and a small SSIS package:

An overview of my tables within SQL Azure:

I can’t find any traffic stats though.

Next on my to-do-list:
Start using SQL Azure within a PowerPivot workbook (performance check).

I’ll keep you guys posted!

Mobile Microsoft BI apps for your phone/tablet

BlueGranite Nitro – A free Windows Phone 7 BI application for Windows Phone 7 devices

Sketchmd for iPhone/iPad
Will Project ‘Crescent’ also be ported to the mobile platforms? Anyone?

It’s time for Microsoft to release a mobile app within the Microsoft BI Suite, running PowerPivot on a tablet will not work (lack of available memory).

Going independent as a freelancer/contractor!

Last month I made the decision to start working as a freelancer/contractor starting from the 1th of April 2011!
I’m very excited!

Launched my own company called BumbleBI IT (Dutch).