Interactive PowerPivot Dashboard (custom map visualization)

I’ve found this great example of an interactive PowerPivot worksheet by Robert Mundigl about the beer prices at Munich’s Oktoberfest.


How it works?
Actually it’s about the same technic as Kay Unkroth used earlier in one of my previous posts.
Well…here’s how Robert did it!:


Have a look at Robert Mundigl‘s blogpost and his tutorial: Click here.

The example is also downloadable via this URL.

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Excel Spatial Visualizer Add-In

My colleague Karlo Bartels made a very nice Excel 2010 Add-In:

To easily facilitate the process of displaying spatial objects in Excel, I created an Excel add-in that allows you to select a range of cells containing coordinates and show them on a map. To do this, the add-in accesses the Bing Maps SOAP Services. This is a set of programmable SOAP services that allow you to match addresses to a map (and much more). You will need a Bing Maps Application ID to access these services.

Check out his blog/article here (source and examples included!).

Slice ‘n Dice with PowerPivot

Today, I found two really good video presentations from Microsoft’s Tech Ed about Excel’s PowerPivot:

Building Sophisticated BI Applications Using Microsoft PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel

Enriching Microsoft PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel Applications Using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

Will PowerPivot be the next big thing? I think so.
Drag&Drop, Slice&Dice, what else do you want? 🙂