How to add a QR-code to a report in SSRS?

I stumbled upon this blog post by Jason Thomas, which is a walkthrough on how to add QR-codes to your reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS):


It’s actually quite simple, you’ll need to use an expression such as:
="" + Fields!name.Value + Constants.vbcrlf + Fields!URL.Value + Constants.vbcrlf + Fields!mob.Value

Where the dataset looks like:

SELECT 'Jason Thomas' AS name, '' AS URL, '00447574713732' AS mob
SELECT 'Jay Thomas' AS name, '' AS URL, '67891' AS mob
SELECT 'Jean Elizabeth' AS name, '' AS URL, '12345' AS mob


The full blog post can be found here:


Failed scheduled reports in SSRS (Query)

How to find failed SSRS report subscriptions? Which includes the SQL Agent Job Id?
Well, you might want to use this query!

c.Name AS Report_Name
,C.Path AS ReportPath
,s.ScheduleID AS JobName
,su.Description AS SubscriptionDescription
FROM dbo.Schedule s
INNER JOIN dbo.ReportSchedule rs
ON s.ScheduleID = rs.ScheduleID
INNER JOIN dbo.Catalog c
ON rs.ReportID = c.ItemID
INNER JOIN dbo.Subscriptions su
ON rs.SubscriptionID = su.SubscriptionID
WHERE LastStatus LIKE '%Failure%'

Thanks to Thomas Mucha.