MDS: How to change the data type in an existing Entity (filled table)

Want to change the data type of an existing Entity’s attribute without reloading of re-creating that entity?

This is just a little trick you should remember, you’re unable to change the data type via the MDS web interface (GUI):

Unable to change the data type in MDS

However, this is possible in the MDS Excel Add-in! πŸ™‚

MDS change attribute data type in excel unable via webinterface gui

Here’s how you could you could do it:

1) Open Excel, connect to MDS and retrieve the complete set of data from MDS for that specific Entity

2) Select a random cel in the column of the attribute of which you would like to change the attibute’s data type.

3) In the MDS-tab in Excel, click on ‘Attribute Properties‘ and simply change the data type into the type you want.
After that it will publish the update and give some kind of message that you need to update your subscription. Sorry my message was in Dutch so…but simply said you need to refresh/rec-create the View was made under ‘Integration Management‘ in MDS.

4) Go to ‘Integration Management‘ in MDS (web interface or GUI), click on ‘Create Views‘ and Edit that specific view. When in Edit-mode simply clicking on the Save-button will do the trick.

5) Verify in SSMS that that view now contains the changed data type (in the ‘MDS’ database on the SQL Server instance).

That’s it!
Now don’t forget that when you’re using SSIS to ETL the data…it requires a meta-data update πŸ˜‰


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