Activate your free Office 365 subscription (Product Key) from your Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS)

Here’s a little thing you just need to know or stumbled upon.
Once you’ve purchased MAPS, you’ve automatically been giving 5 Office 365 ‘seats’ (or User Licenses)!

How to activate these licenses:

1) Go to the Microsoft Partner Network website and log in:

2) Instead of clicking on ‘Software Download / View Keys’, click on ‘Microsoft Online Services


3) Now click on ‘View‘ on the right:

4) Expand the ‘Microsoft Action Pack‘-section to reveil the Product Key:


5) Click on the link stated just a little bit lower or use this one:
“…To redeem these tokens visit…”

6) Enable the checkbox ‘I understand. I’m the right person to be doing this for my organization.‘ and click on ‘Sign in‘ (on the right) under ‘Already an Office 365 customer?‘:


OR: Login to your Office 365 Admin Center and go to ‘BILLING‘-> ‘Subscriptions‘, select the active subscription and click on ‘Renew or add user licenses‘:


7) Verify that you’ve been giving 5 extra licenses thanks to the Product Key of MAPS. Next step is to cancel your current paid subscription and get a little bit of money back 😉 You may want to contact the Office 365 supportdesk for that of cancel it in the Office 365 Admin Center under ‘Subscriptions’.

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