SQL Server Tools and Add-ins

I stumbled upon a post from Pat Phelan and I found it worth copy/pasting it here:

(I don’t know these guys btw)

In terms of SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) add-ins, the only one that I’ve ever used (or even considered) was SSMS Tools Pack which is written and maintained by Mladen Prajdić.

Another tool that runs outside of SSMS, but is probably more useful to me personally is SQL Spec. This tool will document an entire SQL Server from logins and linked servers down to columns, datatypes, and samples of the data! It will also document SSIS package, Access Databases, DB2, Oracle, and just about anything else that you need to understand when doing a database project. I can’t say enough good things about Jesse and the only bad thing that I can say is that he doesn’t come here often enough!

A great tool to have when doing server onboarding (when you are taking responsibility for managing a SQL Server) is sp_blitz by Brent Ozar and others. This will give you a quick and easy to follow list of potential pitfalls, pre-sorted by their “threat level” to your getting to sleep.

I’m a huge PowerShell fan, and I highly recommend Idera’s SQL Server Tools because they’ll make your life much easier once you learn how to use them. If you don’t know PowerShell now:
Stop reading this
Go learn Powershell (I recommend Pluralsight – Hardcore Dev and IT Training but the PowerShell.com tools are free and very good.
Come back when you’re done.
Send me accolades and cash for the advice if you are so moved!
That ought to be enough to get the conversation started!


Another tool which might come in handy is SQL Treeo:

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