T-SQL: Generate set based update statements easily!

CTRL+H (Replace) and use a Regex:

[,]\ +[a-z]+(\(+[0-9]+[,]*[0-9]+\))*[,]\>

Let me demonstrate, here’s my dummy table:

Generate the standard UPDATE-scripts via SSMS:

And here’s the outcome:

Now hit CTRL+H to open the ‘find and replace’ window.
Paste in the Regex-statement and click on the checkbox for ‘Use‘ and select ‘Regular expressions

Click on ‘Replace all‘ and have a look at the outcome:

Almost done…click on the checkbox for ‘Use‘ again and deselect ‘Regular expressions‘ (disable). Now hit CTRL+H again and now replace the ‘<‘-character with ‘new.’:

The UPDATE-statement should now look like:

Final step is to add the FROM and WHERE-clauses as shown below:


You’re done! How easy huh?

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