Northwind sample database for In-Memory OLTP

You want to use the Hekaton-ized Northwind sample database code from the SQL Server 2014 Books Online?
It’s you’re lucky day, you can download it here:


** Northwind database – In-Memory OLTP version (SQL"14" CTP1)
** This database is an adaptation of the Northwind database for In-Memory OLTP
** All tables were converted to memory-optimized tables
** Regular tables were added to house the image data that is not suitable for storing in-memory
** Half the stored procedures were migrated to native compiled - the remainder uses interop
** Path for the memory_optimized_data filegroup is 'c:\data\'; modify as needed
** Structure of the script:
** 1) create database
** 2) create tables and views
** 3) insert data
** 4) update statistics
** 5) create procedures
** Copyright Microsoft, Inc. 1994 - 2013
** All Rights Reserved.

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