Data Vault loading automation using Pentaho Data Integration

It’s a completely different ball-game, but open-source BI/DWH is not new.
I found this full-size demo environment based on MySQL, Pentaho and Pentaho Data Integration (ETL-tool)

More info, click here.

PDI Data Vault framework

A metadata driven ‘tool’ to automate loading a designed Data Vault. It consists of a set of Pentaho Data Integration and database objects. At the moment the version for MySQL includes the latest developments.
The PostgreSQL and Oracle version will be published later.

Thel Virtual Machine (VMware) is a 64 bit Ubuntu Server 12.04, with MySQL (Percona Server) as the database and PDI version 4.4.0 CE.

Version management is accomplished by Git (PDI objects) and neXtep (database objects).

User/passwd : percona/percona
MySQL user/passwd : root/percona
neXtep user/passwd : nextep_user/nextep_user

More info, click here.

A possible architecture:


Thanks to Kasper de Graaf and Aly Hollander:

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