SQL Server 2012 Express: Setup Database Mail (sp_send_dbmail)

Guys good news!
SQL Server 2012 Express still supports Database Mail (DB Mail), but it’s well hidden 🙂

The fully licensed editions of SQL Server 2012 do have an easy setup wizard, but (like in SQL Server 2008) the needed components (service, tables and stored procedures) are still present in the Express-edition!

The tables are programmatically set to ‘hidden‘, because I can still query them by using:

select * from msdb.dbo.sysmail_account

The Stored Procedures (SP’s) are visible though:

How to get things working?
Follow the steps in the blogpost (was originally documented for SQL Server 2005, but still applies to the 2012 Editions of SQL Server).

You may skip step 7:
Click here!


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