Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter for Windows 7 or Windows 8

Hi all Mac-users,

I’ve been strugeling to get my Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter working on Windows 8 and finally got it working!
It’s a bit tricky since the adapter is not ‘hot-pluggable’, so you’ll need to make sure to put it in before you boot your laptop!

First step is to download the driver for your adapter (made by Broadcom), click here.

Broadcom suggests to ‘Determining the Correct Driver for Broadcom Ethernet Products‘.
My details:

According to Broadcom: ‘Where: 14E4 identifies the controller as a Broadcom device. DEV_XXXX is the device ID.’

Mine is showing 1682…which is not listed here:

The funny thing is that according to Google/Forum-posts, they recommended me to use the ‘NetXtreme I Desktop/Mobile’-driver. So that’s what I did, I downloaded the driver for ‘Windows 7 (x64)‘.

Unpack the ZIP-file and open Device Manager, your ‘Network Adapter’ should be visible with a warning-sign (remember it is not ‘hot-pluggable’, so it needs to be put in before you startup).
Update the driver and select the broadcom drivers.
In the list of devices, select his one: ‘Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet‘ and…Next…Next…Finish.

If it is not working directly, try a restart.

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