Common SSRS URL Commands

Another page for your cookbook 🙂 (source)

• This collapses the parameter bar but sends the parameters in the URL in the browser

• This shows the parameter bar and is the default

• This prevents the parameters from being passed in the browser and expanded

• This hides the toolbar

• This will open up the report as a PDF, other examples are: HTML3.2, HTML4.0, HTMLOWC, MHTML, IMAGE, EXCEL, CSV, PDF, XML

• This will open the report in Excel

&rc:Zoom=Page Width
• This will open up the report in full width of the page

• This clears the session state for the user. Used where the caching of the report prevents the designer from seeing their updated report and/or data. * This is a very important parameter to know as more often than not, the report data doesn’t update immediately unless parameters are changed, and your report may show cached data if this is not set.

• Note don’t add the .css extension. And this style sheet must be in the folder Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLReporting ServicesReportServerStyles folder.
• Use the HTMLViewer.css as your base template.

More info on MSDN.

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