SSIS Import Flat Files with Headers

Well today I did something new 😉

First a little background information.
The project is called ‘DLT Containment’, here’s a short quote from the PID:
DLT stands for Die Level Traceability – this system contains all genealogy for our LED’s from EPI Reactor run through the LED location in the end-product we ship to a customer (full traceability).

I made a SSIS package that processes the logging files…BUT…they contain headers (see below).
It’s actually based upon the T-SQL code from my previous post.

First I’ll show the Destination table design:

Nothing that difficult:
FST_Lot_ID = (believe it or not) WO NO
FST_Date – Current datetime (smalldatetime..Grrrr)

I was struggling for quite a time on how I should do it.
After minutes (maybe an hour), I got an idea and worked on it.
Here’s the result of my brainstorm session:

Suggestions are welcome ofcourse.

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