HowTo: Setup SQL Server Linked Server to MySQL

This week I had to create a linked server to a MySQL database on SQL Express (development environment)….whoohooo!…NOT
But ok, it’s possible. Found this step-by-step blogpost.

Start by downloading the MySQL Connector/ODBC.
(You need to register first…)

The funny thing is, I had to enter a full provider string (instead of what the blog mentioned):

Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 driver};Server=;Port=3306;Database=;Uid=;Pwd=

(Port is optional and default btw)

The result:

Conclusion: It’s easy once you’ve done it before 🙂
@webhosting companies: Want reports or a PowerPivot on that thing?
Send me a mail! @BumbleBI (Dutch)

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