SQLPASS Summit Keynote summary

Google told me, here’s a great SQLPASS Summit Keynote summary by Brent Ozar:

#SQLPASS Summit Keynote

9:37 – The changes in SQL Server Integration Services will be huge, he says – big improvements in management and servers. R2 was a big release for reporting & analytics, plus Office 2010 focused on managed self-service analytics. Excel users were empowered to build BI applications, and PowerPivot was embedded into SharePoint.

9:39 – Project Crescent is a new web-based reporting system letting end users tell their own stories about the data. Amir Netz is demoing PowerPivot, then saying that’s good, but we need something bigger for enterprise datastores. The new BI Development Studio, running on top of Visual Studio 2010 Premium, hooks into the same column-oriented storage engine that PowerPivot used, but now you can use it on a server so you get centralized security and bigger horsepower.

9:49 – SQL Server Denali will have columnar indexes built into the database engine. Columnar indexes are what makes PowerPivot so insanely fast. More on this later.

Thanks Brent!

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