Gartner’s opinion about PowerPivot

Gartner recently published two articles about PowerPivot:

“In all organizations that use Excel, PowerPivot is coming, whether the IT department likes it or not. Once an organization upgrades to Office 2010, there will be no stopping it. Better to embrace its use …”

What Is SQL Server PowerPivot?

Q&A: What Are Customer Experiences With SQL Server PowerPivot

Summary of Strengths:
Fast analysis of large data sets.
Easy to use for business users; “slicers” are an excellent interactive analysis feature.
End-user data mashup and modeling capabilities do not require programming.

Summary of Cautions/Areas for Improvement:
Handling of many-to-many relationships in the modeling environment is a challenge.
Business users must learn SQL Server PowerPivot’s new expression language, DAX, for advanced time series and other analysis.
Limited facilities for data quality during the data load process.

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