Slow initial response time of SSRS

I’ve noticed that the SSRS service went in some kind of sleep mode after [x] minutes or at startup.
It took SSRS 1 to 2 minutes to startup/wake-up!
Well, I started Googleing and found out that I’m not the first one 🙂

Apparently the SSRS Service shuts down after [x] minutes of idleness (IIS option):

The solution is to increase the timer or disable the Idle timeout feature of IIS:

Step 1: Go to IIS Manager
Under the ‘Application Pools’ node, right click ‘DefaultAppPool’ (or ‘ReportServer’) in which the Reporting Server work process is running
Step 2: Select Properties and on the “Performance” tab, you will see that (by default) the worker processes will shut down after being idle for 20 min or so. You can increase the timer to 480min, so that the worker processes will not shut down for a regular working day.

However, the first report reader of the day will still wake of the service/worker processes, so you may schedule a report at beginning of a work day for this.

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