‘All’-entity within a Multi-value parameter

In addition to my previous post, an ‘All’-entity is very handy when it comes to some reports.
In my example, I’ll continue using the Sales example from my previous post.

Normally when you have a parameter with just one value, it’s easy: just use a NULL-value (click).
But when it comes to Multi-value parameters, it’s a bit more tricky.

I’ve added an ‘(All)’-entity to my selection of the SalesTerritory table:

In combination with my MultiValue function, these SQL statements will do it:

SQL code: TotalSales example.doc


SET @TerritoryList = ‘-1’ will return:

Note: The ‘(All)’-entity cannot be used in combination with other entities.
‘-1,2,4’ will not work, because TerritoryID ‘-1’ is not an existing ID.

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